About Us

Our Activities

Repairs, Refurbishment, and Rewinds:

- Rewind AC Motors and Generators from 415 Volts to 11,000 Volts Up To 15mw Ratings.

- Rewind Dc Machines Up To 5000 HP Including Commutated Replacements.

- In Works and Onsite Failure/ Root Cause Analysis and Diagnosis.

- Solvent Cleaning and Steam Cleaning.

- Onsite Overhauls Of Large Motors And Generator & Hydro Generator.

- Onsite Supervision for High Voltage Rewinds Motors and Generator & Hydro Generator.

Diagnostic and Residual Life Assessments:

- Complete Condition Monitoring.

- Electrical and Mechanical Analysis.

- Laser Alignment and In-Situ Balancing.

- Thermography and Heat Path Tracing.

- Winding

Major Overhauling on Site and At Our Works:

- Overhauling of Machines at Works and Onsite.

- Rewinding, Redesign, or Insulation Improvement.

- Retrofit Bearings, Seals, Shafts, Retaining Rings, and Other Components.

- Condition Monitoring and RLA Studies.

Long Term Service Contracts:

- Comprehensive Maintenance of Rotating Machines of the Entire Plant.

- Maintenance Scheduling Ranging From Annual, Pre-Planned, and Breakdown.

- 24 hours Urgent Response Guarantee.

- Permanent Deployment of a Skilled Team to the Customer's Site for Round-The Clock Support.

Multi-Turn Formed Coils (Resin Rich & H Class Insulation)

- Up to 11 KV

- Max Cell Size 35x120x2500 Mm

- Turn Taping Of Conductor Bunch

- Enamel/Glass/Dacron/Mica as Basic Conductor Insulation